Searching online to find accurate and trustworthy medical information has been proven hard, if not impossible. Online search engines provide clusters of contradictory statistics and details. Enter ProValens, a game changer in healthcare search.

ProValens has created a system that collaborates with your healthcare provider to empower patients and generate easy access to life altering information. Ranging from medications, treatments, and finances, ProValens supports providers in making their websites the one convenient place for patients and caregivers to find the information and resources they need to take control of their health.


ProValens wanted a brand that could simplify their technology and embody accessibility. Their visual system was designed with flexibility in mind, with a color and icon system that would make sifting through immense amounts of information a breeze. Their brand is modern with an “easy to understand” approach.

In working with Sydney we were most impressed by how quickly she grasped what we were trying to communicate. She helped distill our message down to its essence, reminding us that our audience will remember one thing we say about ourselves.

Previously we struggled to communicate a simple message and reinforcing this message in our marketing efforts. Sydney brought a focus to our efforts that we would not have achieved as quickly had Sydney not joined our team. She in fact, became an important part of the team and remains an essential advisor.

— rick tanler of provalens