Sydopia is an independent design studio led by Sydney Jacobson. She works with ambitious brands to create meaningful digital experiences through concept-driven interfaces and a keen eye for detail.


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About Me

I’m driven by the desire to materialize an idea into a compelling and strategic solution designed to build meaningful connections.

Through my experience working with companies and startups within a broad range of industries, I’ve honed in my strategy and design abilities to create intelligent yet insightful solutions that encompass big picture thinking.

I partner with people who are passionate about what they’re creating, interested in breaking the mold, and are genuinely good people.

Creative Process

Phase 1


My approach to working with clients is very much a partnership. I start with a discovery phase to get to know everything there is to know about the you, your product and overall vision. The goal is to take the time to ensure the details and roadmap are solid before diving in.

Phase 2


After understanding the project's key goals and needs, I’ll begin concepting design solutions. Establishing the foundations allows us to map out functionality, catch problems early and save time on revisions later. My focus will be on the structure needed for the best overall user experience.

Phase 3

Visual Design

With the foundations serving as the blueprint, visual design brings everything together. Living at the intersection of brand and experience, the visual design part brings the two together to create a fully cohesive digital experience.