OurFamilyWizard has been on a mission to help families living separately thrive for over 20+ years. As they’ve grown into the number 1 recommended co-parenting app, they needed a digital presence that is as soothing as their app is useful. With divorce and co-parenting being tough topics, their website needed to highlight the empathy, tools and solutions that will help families create more ease in their lives.


Retainer Client
User Experience
Content Strategy
Web Design
Various Digital Design
Branding Implementation



Design Role

Previously, OurFamilyWizard’s website was outdated, confusing, and failed to effectively communicate their WHY. Parents were left with a clunky experience that had them feeling frustrated on top of already navigating a complicated new reality. I worked with OurFamilyWizard's marketing team to help them refresh their website & various digital experiences to modernize and streamline their overall brand presence.

From wireframing to visual design, my role was to help OurFamilyWizard think through how parents will navigate their site and how to effectively communicate their value. The overall result has been a soothing experience that equips parents with the tools & resources needed to make co-parenting more manageable.


As a co-parenting platform, OurFamilyWizard has a robust set of tools. With redesigning their feature pages, we needed to breakdown each tool and clearly illustrate how they can be used to co-parent more effectively.

Being able to visually see UI elements and dive deeper into an individual feature provides parents with the information they need to make an easy and informed decision.

In addition, we also wanted to make navigating between features effortless. We added in a sticky subnav bar so they can jump to a different tool at the drop of a hat without needing to spend too much time searching.

Design Elements

Throughout the design process, the emphasis was on creating an understanding and empathetic experience. The color palette used lighter tones to give a softer, calmer feel.

The photography provides warmth and realism, capturing the everyday reality of co-parenting. Applications of photography are balanced between mom-and-child and dad-and-child.

The use of circles and stadium shapes provide visual impact and intrigue, play with the idea of softening the edges.

Overall, it creates a digital brand presence that feels like a welcoming, relaxing and approachable space for parents.


Worked in collaboration with the OurFamilyWizard marketing team: Kelsey Propsom, Sara Klemp & Lauren Orcutt