Sweat Equities

Sweat Equities is a father-son investing firm focused on helping sustainble and health-conscious startups grow. With their 16+ years of experience across the organic food and beverage industry, they know what it takes to scale a company in this competitive landscape. They believe great-tasting and better-for-you products should be accessible and affordable to all.


User Experience
Content Strategy
Web Design



Design Role

Sweat Equities didn’t want to look like just another stodgy venture capital firm. They wanted a website that felt natural and playful, all while touting their decades-plus years of experience and industry knowledge.

In addition, they wanted to appeal to startups in the natural food and beverage category. Using the branding from Rebecca Sloat from The Stable and extending it futher, I helped Sweat Equities create a unique and memorable digital experience.

Content Planning

Before diving into visuals, we spent time thinking about what information was important to users, and how they’d flow from each page. Together, we thought through the small and large interaction, as well as the reasons behind why someone would want to partner with Sweat Equities.

Our goal was to help them create a website that highlights their expertise while also leaning into their empathetic and value-driven way of creating businesses.

Design Elements

Once the wireframing process was complete, we wanted to establish an overall look and feel that felt fresh. Inspired by the tactile quality of collage, we layered textured images of leafy greens, lifestyle photography, drawn scribbles, and handwritten fonts.

The result is an earthy, refreshing website that is far from the standard venture capital firms you’d normally find.


Branding by The Stable
Development by White Rabbit Group