Noise Engineering

Noise Engineering was built to break the barrier—of sound, that is. They don’t just create synthesizer modules in new and unusual styles, but they also create the software that plays alongside. Their goal is to give musicians the creative control they need to make dope tracks. As Noise Engineering has grown and expanded their lineup of products, they needed to transition from Squarespace into Shopify.


User Experience
Content Strategy
Web Design



Design Role

From wireframing to visual design, I helped Noise Engineering capture their sound and put words to the music. With their upcoming launch of new software plugins, my role was to create an experience that felt thoughtful and organized yet unexpected.

My role was to help them think through their website with precision, while also allowing their unique qualities to come through.

Item Pages

Since they essentially had two completely different products—modules and plugins—it was necessary to create custom item pages for each.

The module pages are relatively simple, with the main differentiated being the additional product variables. From size to color, customers needed to be able to easily find what they need.

The software page on the other hand, needed to communicate how the plugin will impact their overall sound.

World of Versio

The Versio firmware is a unique, variable reverb algorithm that is 100% customizable. Noise Engineering needed a place to house all the details and information customers would need to get the full Versio experience.

The page needed to seamlessly feature compatible modules, various manuals, how-to videos, and resource to develop your own firmware. Essential a DIY hub for music nerds.


Data Analysis by Monicat Data

Development done in-house