Inside Sunsett, your data works for you. With the vision of being able to help small businesses make smarter, confident data-driven decisions, Sunsett created a system that connects multiple platforms and projects into overall greater business performance. From powerful marketing analytics, data visualizations, to personalized insights, you save time, resources and promote growth.


User Experience

User Interface Design



Design Role

From wireframes and planning, to visuals and their landing page, I helped Sunsett synthesize their idea into reality. All components were thoughtfully designed to make data fun while also easy and quick to understand.

My role was to help them think through their app with precision, while also allowing their unique qualities to come through.

From the dashboard to projects to goals and even callout messages. It was all about the little touches that help making the experience easy yet dynamic.

Data Visualization

As a data platform, being able to visually see trends and changes was a must. Throughout the app, there are many visual representations to help give a snapshot into what is happening at any given time.

From progress bars and charts, to color changes and everything in-between. Everything is an opportunity to see how your company is performing.

Design Elements

Throughout the design process, the emphasis was on creating an easy yet inviting UI. The platform needed to be bold and fun—not just another data platform that felt outdated and, quite frankly, void of personality.

Colorful blobs, handdrawn elements and a bright color scheme all add a layer of playfulness and delight across the UI.


Development by Good Gravy